Teach These Things: Still a Good Idea

Luther2August! Time to get ready for school. Exciting time for parents. Sad time for kids. And if you’re a teacher who hasn’t figured out what curriculum you’re using the time is now. (“June? I’ve got months yet.” “July? Still plenty of time.” August! Oh no!”)

If you are teaching Luther’s Small Catechism this next year, you might want to check out Teach These Things. It’s a new way of looking at the Small Catechism. It takes Luther’s words and thoughts seriously, and builds a catechesis around his pattern of instruction.

“I just want to teach the Catechism.” That’s what Teach These Things does. It uses the pattern of the Large Catechism to teach the Small. It uses the Small Catechism as the handbook to Holy Scripture. And it does it in a setting of worship and prayer.

There are free samples available, so you can see for yourself. Those who have used it have been very impressed. Check it out for yourself. There’s still time before school starts.

This year, teaching the catechism can be as joyful an experience as you always thought it should be. Check it out HERE.

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