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Sermon for MichaelMass

The First two readings speak of Angelic wars and struggles – the devil being cast out of heaven by the archangel Michael.  So the Gospel reading, we would assume, is one of those great battle accounts of Jesus “I saw … Continue reading

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Sermon for Holy Cross Day

Lutherans celebrating the dedication of a holy relic of questionable provenance? Not really, no. (Pro tip: The last few sentences refer in outline form to Luther’s meditation on the passion of Christ. Order a modern translation in Pamphlet form HERE, … Continue reading

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Earthquakes, CRM, and Other Disasters

Tragedy makes us nervous. We don’t know what to say, but we want to say something. Invariably, we say something stupid. Lost a loved one? “I know how you feel.” (No, you don’t.) Had a house fire? “It was the … Continue reading

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