Tired of the Wars

I have two boys and two girls. (I know, I’m being gender-normative to identify them that way, but since that’s the way God created them…)

When we go toy shopping, the girls head for the pink aisle; the boys head for the death ray aisle. Just the way it is. No one told them to do it. “But they’ve been taught to do that by the cultural stereotypes!” All I know is that when my son was 1 1/2, he didn’t yet have any cars. So he carried his sister’s little people minivan around all day. It was the only toy in the house with wheels.

And, even if the selection were influenced by cultural stereotypes, the important thing is: They are happy in their respective toy aisles. They don’t feel like they are oppressed (except by the mean parents who don’t buy them one of everything).

Anyway, if you’d like to read more about the “War on Gendered Toys”, Heather Wilhelm has a great article over at The Federalist. As the parent of two boys who has done his share of trying to avoid the toy aisle entirely, for exactly the reasons she cites, she made me chuckle.

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