Liveblogging the Convention: Day 1

The Wyoming District Convention has begun!

We had our opening worship. Nice sermon on Baptism.

District President Report on the state of the district.

Resolution now on re-gerrymandering the circuits. Buffalo and Sheridan move east. All others remain the same.

1:42 Passes. High Plains remains the same.

Elections comittee still counting ballots for President. So, we celebrate anniversaries.

1:51 Second ballot for Pres. coming soon.

1:53 Lange on Life ministries. That sort of position is quickly becoming the most important in any distrrict long term.

1:55 First Ballot: Christenson 5; Maas 10; Neugebauer 35; Hill 40.

Second ballot with Hill and Neugebauer.

Vendors comoing in. Swag this year is lousy. Pens and buttons. Used to get sturdy attache cases with RSO logos, food, all sorts of good stuff. Budget cuts I suppose.

2:06 Shout out to Jeff Snyder, who decided the swag wasn’t good enough to hand out, and instead sprung for coffee at the convention. Jeff is a great guy. We’re lucky to have him.

2:09 Quick word from Alliance NE. They opened a new Lutheran Grade School. Woo-hoo! Doing great things.

Elections committee…

Tally 89 cast.

52 hill 37 Neugebauer.

John Hill is the new DP. Much to the surprise of no one.

Ballotting now for second VP. Between Maas and Neugebauer.

Resolutions: Memorializing synod to have classical Lutheran edumacation training programs

Elections: Much to no one’s surprise, Rich Neugebauer is our new 1 VP again.

Essay about Holy Baptism.

And as much fun as liveblogging is, the connection in the hotel ballroom is too spotty. The page keeps crashing. So, I may say a bit in the evenings, but the liveblog will end. You know who the DP and 1VP noise is, and that’s really the exciting thing.


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