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Of Conversations and Confessions

Note: For the book in question, go HERE. For the review, go HERE. In times of controversy or false teaching, the church is called to confess. But that confessing is not always the straight line we would like to think … Continue reading

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Sermon for Trinity 1

There were some significant sections of this week’s sermon that were ex-tempore. But the main points are covered in the manuscript. Immediately after finish festival season, Parable that tells us that if we do not love, we will not be saved. … Continue reading

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Joining the Bandwagon

I am a pastor in a small town. I’ve been here for over a decade. When I hit the ten year mark (making me the longest serving pastor in the congregation’s history), people finally stopped asking how I liked living … Continue reading

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Resolution 6-01-2009

In a previous post, I mentioned a resolution of the Wyoming District that addressed the false distinction between unity of faith and concord of doctrine. It doesn’t work to divide them because faith must always have an object, and therefore … Continue reading

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