Color Me Unimpressed

homer_d_oh_foxRecently, numerous friends, colleagues, and even an Ecclesial Supervisor have suggested that I read, mark, learn and inwardly digest a certain book. It is allegedly a classic. It’s been on my shelf (two copies, actually) for a long time. But it’s not an easy read. I’ve been nipping around it for years. But on the recommendation of my friends, who assured me it would assuage all my doubts about certain events in our synod, I am making a serious attempt to read it. I don’t know how far I will get. Not because it’s not an easy read. Last summer I read through the most complicated, convoluted, and poorly written academic treatise in the history of academia. Every page was painful. This is not even in the same league as that one. But… Well, here’s a summary of chapter 1. I think it will show the problem:

Summary of Chapter 1: Here is a highly speculative thesis I can not actually prove, but based on strained exegesis of very isolated texts, I will make the claim anyway, because it is super important for everything that comes afterward. (Also, if you could ignore the bit where it contradicts the Large Catechism, that would be super!)

Yeah. I’ve got a nagging thought that this may not be solving all of those problems you said it would.

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