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Exhortation to Pastors & Koinonia

In Leviticus, there is only one occasion where God speaks directly to Aaron. (HT Dr. John Kleinig.) It is when he gives the directive regarding the duties of the priests. As we continue to discuss our Life Together(tm) on the … Continue reading

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Koinonia Part 2(?)

18 months ago, I wrote on my experiences with the Koinonia Project. I have also offered a couple of observations in the interim. I have seen very little else about it. I suppose this means I have probably written more … Continue reading

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Sermon for Michaelmass: Don’t Mess with these Guys

We first hear the Bible talk about angels in Genesis. Not for the creation of the world, but at the fall of man. After Adam and Eve bring sin and death into the world by their disobedience, after God speaks … Continue reading

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How the War On Drugs Helped To Destroy The Free Exercise of Religion

Major Premise: Hard cases make bad law. Minor Premise: The Supreme Court deals with hard cases. Conclusion…? Back in  1990, the Supreme Court had a hard case. (Employment Division vs. Smith) If someone was using drugs because their religion required it (the Native … Continue reading

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