The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

christmas-pageantYes, it’s that time again: Pastors realize they forgot to plan a Christmas program. A quick call to your local church publishing house can be a great help, if you’ve got a large Sunday School. But what if you’ve only got a half dozen or a dozen kids? What to do?

Or, if you have a larger Sunday School, but you’ve managed to use up the “programs from church publishing houses” budget on VBS this year?

Or, maybe you just want a simple program, without all the hoopla, where the kids learn important bible verse by heart, and everyone sings a few Christmas Carols from the hymnal. Nothing fancy, just a basic program to teach the kids about Jesus, and have them tell the story so the adults can hear the life-giving words again.

Well, then I recommend you download the free (Yes, FREE, FREE, FREE!) Christmas Program that I’ve put together. Perfect for the small Sunday School, or the larger Sunday School that wants to keep the main thing the main thing, “The Promised Savior” is perfect for the Lutheran congregation.

Also, did I mention it’s Free? Download it HERE.

For more resources to help you teach the faith using the Catechism visit Teach These Things

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