Safety First?

Pastors are shepherds. They are to protect their flocks from false teachers. I know of pastors that also conceal carry in the pulpit. They see that as part of their duty to protect their flock from any attack of Satan – even a deranged person in an active shooter scenario.

A friend of mine who is not a pastor suggested to the church council that the church should be prepared, and have a plan in place for dealing with an active shooter scenario. His suggestion was not widely appreciated.

Obviously, the chances of it happening in any one parish are vanishingly small. But then, the odds of us ever needing to use the fire alarm are also not large. And yet, the consequences of not having one can be disastrous. Similarly, churches with no plan for active shooters have, on occasion, seen great tragedies. Churches with armed security have on occasion thwarted such attacks with minimal damage.

The local schools have drills for just such an event. Rather stupidly, their answer is always hide in place and wait for the all clear from the police. That’s exactly the *wrong* answer. I’ve told my own children that running is always the best option.

What do you think? Do we train our ushers/elders/council/trustees/altar guild to handle active shooter scenarios? Does this article seem like something that could be useful for congregants to consider?

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