Free to Good Home (Or Classical Schools)

the-letanyI realized as I was looking for it on my Hard Drive, that I never posted the Latin Litinia Correcta (Luther’s Latin Litany in Latin). Given that Latin is in the name, you might think it’s easy to find online.


Obviously you didn’t realize that the interwebs exist to show pictures of cats.

Well, here it is. As nearly as I can figure, based on how hard it was to find the constituent parts, this is the first time this has been available in many years (except in the Weimar Ausgabe). It’s perhaps the first time in history it is available with Luther’s pointing, but in modern notation – thereby making it easier to use in schools.

Anyway, if you’d like to pray Luther’s Latin Litany – in Latin, feel free to download, distribute, alter, whatever you need to do to make it useful for you.

And as an added bonus, the facing page has the English Translation. (If you prefer, just delete those pages, and it’s “All Latin, All The Time.”)

Given the challenges facing the church in these latter days, it seems to me that more and fervent prayers are probably not a bad idea.

So, enjoy the Latina-Litania by Martinus Luther.

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