Evolution: Still wrong

Over at Teach These Things, you can download – for free! – session 8 of Teach These Things. It’s the one were we look at the implications and shortcoming of evolution.

For those who want more, I taught a class a few years ago. The link to all the videos is in the sidebar. And for those who would prefer a book (And let’s be honest, books are always better than not books.) I am working on a short monograph on the topic. It will be a more detailed look at what is covered in this session.

I’m doing it while simultaneously editing Catechetics. I’m hoping to release Evolution: A Defense Against, sometime near the first of the year, and Catechetics in time for some light summer reading. Of course, I have yet to ever meet a publishing deadline, but hope springs eternal!

Anyway, head over to Teach These Things and check out the free download of Session 8.

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