Free Resource for Circuit Visitors

chemnitzA FB friend was appointed CV. He mentioned that he would be restoring the practice of visitation in his circuit, and was working on resources for that. The Council of Presidents was given the assignment almost four years ago to prepare those resources. Ever careful to produce only the best materials for the church, those are still in process. The various Visitation Articles of the reformers are helpful, but not always applicable to today – their practical concerns were different, and their theological struggles were often in different areas.

Of course there is always Chemnitz’s Enchiridion – if you plan for your visit to last six weeks.

In the Wyoming District we’ve been doing visitation for more than a generation. I was recently elected Circuit Visitor, and so inherited a whole lot of wisdom and experience from predecessors throughout our district. They had worked over the years on several versions of “Visitation Articles”. Lutheran, Practical, encouraging, and giving the pastor/CV a wide range of topics to discuss, it usually takes only an afternoon to go through them. It gives a fairly good picture of parish life. At the end, I do add a few specific theological questions for the pastor. So, you will want to add your own at that point.

But this is, I think, I pretty good outline of the sorts of discussions we should have when visit parishes in the modern LCMS. And their use in our district has been very beneficial to the church. These aren’t mine. They were written over the course of a generation. I tweaked them a little bit myself, but most of it is the work of others.

If you are a Circuit Visitor, and looking for some visitation materials that have 25 years worth of experience behind them, I recommend at least looking at what the Wyoming District uses.


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