This morning in my sermon, I said something very badly. Just a misplaced word, but if true, we are Arians. A paragraph later I stopped my sermon and corrected it. For those who are interested, here is a transcript of my internal monologue during that paragraph…

<WAIT! WHAT! Did I just say that? Ok, keep talking. But look back at what you just said…. Yup. You said it alright. Oh my word, I just denied the Holy Trinity! That’s bad. In seminary they were very clear that our sermons should not deny the Trinity. Smooth move, oh thou preacher of heresy.>

<Well, this is the middle of the sermon. Maybe no one heard it. Look, they’re all a little bleary eyed. I mean, it was just a misplaced word. Most of them probably didn’t notice.  And if you go back and fix it, you’ll have to stop the sermon. You’re really making a big deal about something that’s not too big.>

<Wait? Are you saying heresy isn’t that big? That’s a terrible thought. You can’t just let this stay out there. You have to fix this. Bible Class, maybe? Yes, but that’s only a few people. There’s a pretty good crowd here today. You’d have a hard time getting in touch with all of them individually to fix this. If they even heard it. It was pretty quick.>

<Yes, but it was wrong. And not even a close call either. One badly placed word and you really go against all that you have spent 18 years trying to defend. People deserve to know that you made a mistake. We really do need to be clear in how you speak. There’s enough false doctrine out there. Look, there’s a nice break coming up at the end of this sentence. How about you stop there, fix what you said, and then move on.>

“Before we move on, I need to correct something…”

A lot of thoughts can occur to a pastor while preaching…

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