Contact the Catechism Revision Committee

1108-lutherscex-jpg-550x0I’m sure many of my readers have filled out the Catechism Revision survey online. But if you, like me, thought that perhaps there was more to say about it, you might want to contact the Catechism Review Committee directly. Unfortunately, the LCMS website doesn’t have a link for those who wish to offer more feedback. But the good news is, in this age of technological marvels, the entire committee is on the email. And those email addresses are available on the synod website.

But, to save you the trouble, here are the email addresses of the committee: (Dr. Joel Lehenbauer, Chairman) (Dr. Charles Arand) (Rev. Wally Arp) (Prof. Thomas Egger) (Dr. Jan Lohmeyer) (Prof. John Pless) (Rev. Larry Vogel)

And remember, hurry! The deadline for comments on the field test is October 31, unless they follow the advise of the Wyoming District and allow time for the field test to be … well… tested. I’ll be sending in my three part review, along with my personal plea for extending the deadline. Hopefully others will email them as well with their own comments.

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