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Teach These Things – Second Edition!

The Second (corrected) edition of Teach These Things has finally been released! No more will my fat fingered typing of “Exceslsis” be an embarrassment to you. No more will your children read an extra chapter of First Kings. Typos fixed, … Continue reading

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Choosing a College for your Lutheran Snowflake

This has been much on my mind lately. My oldest child will soon be on her way to the hallowed halls of higher learning. A wealth of academic opportunities await. And as her father (and pastor) I want only the … Continue reading

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Catechetics: Peer Review

As I neared completion on the first draft of Catechetics, I sent out a request for peer reviewers. That was 3 1/2 years ago. So, let’s just say the last half of the book didn’t move along at a blistering … Continue reading

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Next Project?

I’ve been hinting that, once I get my current book projects to reviewers, I have another project waiting in the wings. I’m super mega excited about it. We’ll have to see if others are as well. As I’ve mentioned, I … Continue reading

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