Next Project?

I’ve been hinting that, once I get my current book projects to reviewers, I have another project waiting in the wings. I’m super mega excited about it. We’ll have to see if others are as well.

As I’ve mentioned, I rescanned the early 20th century book Life of Luther, by CPH. I updated the text, ever so slightly, and included all the engraving plates. But the engraving plates are from a larger work: The Life of Luther in 48 Historical Engravings.

The engravings are all by Gustav Koenig, and they come with brief explanations. (Usually about a page or two.) Originally printed in 1856, I’ve been looking for a copy for quite some time. I finally got one. Original binding. It’s beautiful (but as I learned today, very very fragile – oops!)

I have been wanting to put together a coffee table book version. 48 engravings of the life of Luther, with brief explanations. Hopefully, it would be a summer project (ready for Reformation 500 in the fall, if things go well. If not, then, 501 is an even bigger number!)

I told myself I wouldn’t do anything until I get my current books to their various reviewers. Work continues apace on those projects. (Which is to say, slow, but steady). But I had to take a moment and let you see what I’ve got my hands on. So, here are two pictures – the cover of the book (isn’t it beautiful!) and an engraving of Luther at the foot of the cross. I’m still working out the details. I will need to purchase some equipment to even begin this one. So it might end up being a kickstarter – all or nothing! That’s unusual for me. In the past I’ve just put it out there and seen whether people are interested. But this would be a significant investment of time and funds to even get started. So, I need to know people are interested. Stay tuned. There should be more details as we approach Lent/Easter.

Oh, right. The pictures:



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