Teach These Things – Second Edition!

Luther2The Second (corrected) edition of Teach These Things has finally been released!

No more will my fat fingered typing of “Exceslsis” be an embarrassment to you. No more will your children read an extra chapter of First Kings. Typos fixed, a few phrases (and a couple of paragraphs) evened out, and ready to order. Including hard copy sales over at Lulu, I’ve sold over 100 copies! That means that 1 in 60 parishes in the LCMS has used TTT. That may seem small, but for a country parson in the wilds of Wyoming, where the population density is less than 2/sq mile, that’s a pretty cool thing to see.

If you haven’t ordered Teach These Things, there really hasn’t been a better time to try it out. Why? Because Lent.

One of the focuses of Lent is Catechesis. For pastors who would like to review the Large Catechism during Lent (never a bad idea…) Teach These Things also includes Large Catechism Outlines. I’ve heard pastors who say that the outlines are terrific for helping their own devotional life. (Once I clear my desk of current projects, I may work on publishing just the outlines. It kind of depends on some things, but I’m told it would be a great resource for the church.) So even if you aren’t teaching the faith to catechumens this Lententide, you can use Teach These Things as a guide for returning to the fountainhead: The Word of God, explained by Martin Luther in simple way.

To order a printable PDF of Teach These Things, click HERE.

Hard copy? HERE. And if you order TODAY, try entering “OSCAR30”, there might be a 30% discount. Otherwise, put it in your cart, log in, but don’t complete the order. Lulu will usually send some sort of discount to your email.

And thanks to everyone for your support.


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2 Responses to Teach These Things – Second Edition!

  1. Nelson Roy ZWECK says:

    I tried to download a sample of TTT but don’t think I succeeded. I am interested in such a sample to determine whether we (a small Lutheran congregation in Australia) can use it in our church planting in Uganda; primarily to inculcate sound doctrine to Lutheran lay evangelists whom we work through.

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