Evolution: A Defense Against – Update

I just finished a major edit of “Evolution: A Defense Against.” I am hoping for one more quick review before it heads to the copy-editor. Then, final corrections, formatting, and published! If all goes well, it will be ready before the end of summer.

Why is this book needed?

Because we are losing our people to the culture, and I don’t see sufficient resources on the topic. Oh, there is a lot out there, but I fear that much of it actually does more harm than good. It prepares people to answer arguments that aren’t being made. And it makes our children vulnerable to attacks in ways that we are simply not preparing them to defend. I hope my little book provides some much-needed reinforcement in this area.

Who is it for? Pastors, parents of teenagers, and really anyone who is fed up with the popular culture. If you have ever been to a national park, and don’t know what to say in response to “millions of years ago…” if you have noticed your five year old comes home from school having heard a story book about dinosaurs and how they lived long before man came along on planet earth… if you are just all around unsure of how to prepare your children for high school or college classes where Christian beliefs are mocked openly, and anyone who responds is marked as a troublemaker, then I think this would be a worthwhile book.

Which is to say, “Every Christian should buy this book.” And I don’t just say that because I want to be a world-famous author. I really do think that this will be a helpful tool for parents and pastors as we navigate our brave new secular world.

It isn’t quite ready for pre-orders on Amazon yet, share this with friends, and stay tuned…


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1 Response to Evolution: A Defense Against – Update

  1. Todd says:

    Thank you so much for your time and energy in writing this much needed book! I look forward to purchasing a copy!

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