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Reformation 500 Resources: Life of Luther

There are a lot of biographies of Martin Luther out there: Scholarly, thorough, filled with the latest research, and lots of historical detail. I recommend one that does not have those things. Life of Luther by Gustav Just, is a … Continue reading

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The Greatest Dad and the Greatest Teen

According to a mug, hat and Father’s Day card I have received over the years (although sadly, no tie), I am the World’s Greatest Dad. With the exception of Michael Scott, no one takes such statements seriously. Most fathers will, … Continue reading

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Sermon for Trinity 7

For the disciples, the numbers don’t look good. Miles from the nearest town. At least 4,000 people. Seven loaves, a few fish. It’s not just an inconvenience. It is quickly turning into a humanitarian crisis. The entire population of Wheatland, … Continue reading

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On Church Attendance and My Quest to Lose Weight

Every summer I try and exercise. It usually doesn’t go very well. If I have a goal in mind, I sometimes manage it – sporadically and for a little while. But once the goal is reached, it’s back to the … Continue reading

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Slow Roll Out

I didn’t plan for a slow roll out. But it’s turning out that way. The good news is that you can order “What Every Christian Must Know” as a paperback! Right now!  It’s available at the Createspace store. (I thought … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Pageant Dad

I’m a Pageant Dad. That is, my daughters are pageant girls. I’m proud to be a pageant dad. Usually, that just means supporting them when they leave, welcoming them when they come back, and staying out of the way when … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned

I was all excited about posting “Go to Amazon to pre-order!” today. Now I’m a little bit abashed. I learned something really important about Amazon Kindle publishing. If you upload a draft, just to see how the process works, and … Continue reading

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