Things I’ve Learned

I was all excited about posting “Go to Amazon to pre-order!” today. Now I’m a little bit abashed. I learned something really important about Amazon Kindle publishing. If you upload a draft, just to see how the process works, and set it up for pre-orders, you can’t make changes until after it goes live. Then they are delivered as an “update”.

But you can still pre-order! And I’ll get the updates just as soon as I am allowed. But if you pre-order, you may have a brief period of “Not the final version.” Ooops.

But you can pre-order the Kindle now. So go do that! Unless you want the paperback. That should be ready for ordering in the next 48 hours or so! Stay tuned…

UPDATE: This whole article is about “What Every Christian Must Know: Outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism.” Here is more information about it. 


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