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Bible Studies

Most churches have at least one Bible Study – sometimes called Bible Class. Some churches have many. The Men’s early morning Bible Study, the Women’s Mid-morning Bible Study, the midweek-evening Bible Study, and the Sunday Morning Bible Study are all … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Nashville and Denver

Yesterday, a group of Reformed theologians, after careful study and with great care, released a statement about marriage. It is called the Nashville Statement. I haven’t read it (yet?). Others have, and it seems that the statement – while incomplete … Continue reading

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Updates! And Resources!

I’ve re-organized the website over Navigation is a lot easier. I’ve added a few extras as well. And I’ll be re-doing the information pages as we get closer to the release of Catechetics. I’ll be highlighting various resources over … Continue reading

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Sermon for Trinity 11 / Saint Monica

The Pharisee is a warning to us – but not the warning the world thinks. The Pharisee’s problem is not that he is a hypocrite, or that he is religious. His problem is that he sees himself as righteous. The … Continue reading

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Human life: Dignity or Quality?

Early in my ministry, I had a conversation about an allegedly-Lutheran Hospital. A clergy-member had served on the staff there at one point as a chaplain, and was involved in discussions that eventually became their policy on pregnancy terminations. He … Continue reading

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