Commentary on “A Filial Correction”

Engraving of Roman Catholic Priest posting “Letter of Filial Correction” when the pope was guilty of propogating heresy.

This past weekend, a group of Romanist priests wrote a letter of correction to the Pope. In it, they said (I’m summarizing) that the pope treats marriage badly, and that the pope is acting too much like Martin Luther. To be clear, they did not say he was himself a heretic, only that he was allowing or propagating heresy because of his failure to speak clearly about the Word of God.

So, now I’m sitting here, pondering if the irony would have been greater if their document was in the form of 95 short statements. And they released it on October 31. By nailing it to the door of a church.

I am pretty sure that if there was a Nobel Prize for irony, they would get it.

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