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Freedom and Bondage

Last night in Bible Class we were talking about discipline in the church, specifically with regard to liturgical matters. With essentially three exceptions, the New Testament does not prescribe a set form of worship like the Old Testament does. Leviticus … Continue reading

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Luther and Reformation 500!

I’ve written about this book before. I love it so much I scanned, lightly edited, and republished it (for the first time in almost 100 years.) It’s Gustav Just’s biography of Martin Luther. It’s actually available as an e-book on … Continue reading

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Not Just an Internal Problem

Every so often on Facebook or in response to a blog post, someone will ask, “Why are you publicizing the church’s problems? This is in house and should be kept in house.” The same thing is often said by those … Continue reading

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Sermon for Michael Mass

I had two requests to post this sermon. I think it may have more examples/illustrations than any other sermon of mine for quite a while. But it seemed to work. So here it is. A common way of interpreting Matthew … Continue reading

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