Ready to Go!

Evolution: A Defense Against has been released!

I’ve been counting down until Valentine’s Day. But then I saw that Lulu was offering free shipping until February 12, using the code SHIPIT2018. And, in honor of my loyal fan, I spent the weekend doing the final touch up so it would be ready to go this morning.

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

And now it’s ready! You can get it over at Lulu for only $10! That’s right. A Sawbuck. An Andrew Jackson. Two fins. Or if you are rich, only 1/10 of a Ben Franklin. And with free shipping through the end of the day, you can order extras for friends, a loved one, or even an enemy.

What’s the perfect valentine’s gift, the one everyone wants? A card with a little note that this book is on the way. And if I’m wrong, it puts you in the correct “Ash Wednesday penitent” frame of mind! It’s a win-win!

The catch is that Free Shipping ends TODAY! So click on over to Lulu NOW, and get your copy of Evolution: A Defense Against. And don’t forget to use code SHIPIT2018!

(For those waiting for the kindle version, it’s still on track for release later this week. It will be $7.99 over at Amazon.)

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2 Responses to Ready to Go!

  1. Roger Sterle says:

    OKAY–I ordered it. Now I expect you to sign it at the April Conference

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