Another Endorsement

I have another endorsement for Evolution: A Defense Against. This one is from another local pastor friend, who also spent years working in the sciences. His degree is in evolutionary biology.

When it comes to sacred cows in science, evolution is the most sacred. This fact is demonstrated by how urgently it is defended and how blindly it is followed by its practitioners, despite the hard evidence against evolutionary theory. No person, especially a non-scientist person, is allowed to criticize or contradict evolutionary findings. Thus, neo-Darwinism is no longer science, it is scientism, the worship of science as religion. What Rev. Winter does in his well-researched book is to uncover the fallacies, falsehoods, and false assumptions that surround evolutionary “science.” He summarizes all the arguments against evolution and successfully knocks it off its pedestal as a sacred cow, and does so in a way that laypeople can easily understand. I cannot recommend this book more highly for anyone who desires a fuller understanding of the evidence against biological evolution.

Rev. Darrell Debowey
Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church, Laramie, Wyoming
Master of Divinity, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mast of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

If you’d like to order Evolution: A Defense Against, it’s available at Lulu. (Kindle is coming, I promise!)

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