Sticking with it

I’ve been hearing about long shipping times to receive Evolution: A Defense Against. I’ve been hearing about them from myself as well. I do not yet have my own copies in hand. I hate waiting, and it looks like it will be after the weekend before it arrives.

Lulu uses some pretty slow shipping options, to help keep costs low. So far, my package has visited Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado. I’m hoping it heads straight north at this point, instead of doing a few days in LA.

I was tempted to move to Amazon/createspace, which offers prime members 2 day free shipping once an item is printed. But here’s the problem: They require that you not sell it at a lower price anywhere else. And their formula for royalties would mean the price would jump from $10 to $12.50 on both platforms. Lulu offers lots of discount coupon codes. If you put something in your cart and go away, a lot of times they will send you a 20% or 30% off code via email. (Use SHIPIT2018 to get free shipping until the 25th!) I like their business model. And I like that not everything in the world is being run through one company.

So, we learn patience. And I will stay with Lulu. For those who want to read it today, I recommend the Kindle edition.   That is at Amazon, because Kindle. (It’s currently at #176,055 in the amazon ranking. Maybe you could help me achieve my dream of having a top #150,000 Amazon book!) But for those who want to own a real-world copy, sit back and have a cuppa while you wait. And have another when it arrives.

And if you really can’t wait for the paperback, Lulu does offer a faster shipping option for a few dollars more. And because I am not going with Amazon, you can take or leave the higher price. It’s your choice. Happy reading!

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4 Responses to Sticking with it

  1. rabolland says:

    Hi Pastor Winter,

    If it helps, I am publishing with Create Space/Amazon and I ordered my copies of my book on February 16th and expect to receive them next Tuesday the 27th. I don’t know, of course, but my guess is that they’re coming media mail which takes some time.

  2. Nelson Roy ZWECK says:

    Received in Australia after one week only

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