Unmasking the Wolf

Over at the Concordia Publishing House blog there is a very timely article by Charlea Shueler: It’s My Church’s Fault I Fell Away. She says,

I had a conversation with a friend who said, “I mean, yeah I was raised Lutheran. But I mean, I’m not anymore. I started really learning about science and social issues and I realized that religion is just so old-fashioned, and my professors couldn’t all be wrong.”

Was it his church’s fault? His parents’? His own? At some point, my friend felt let down. He truly believed that he had been lied to—he hadn’t been prepared—and when he came up against opposition, he didn’t have the foundation to stand firm.

The firm foundation is the Word of God. And in that word we are told about Satan and his lies. The best defense against the lies of Satan is to expose them for what they are. This is called apologetics. And it takes the lies which Satan tries to tell us, and shows that they don’t actually hold together. Not only that they disagree with the Word of God, but that they do not solve whatever problem they claim to solve, even on their own terms.

The best recent example would be the lie that you really want to try out living together before marriage. This is a lie that is still repeated. Pastors hear it all the time. We have 50 years of objective evidence – gathered even by those who despise God’s Word – that tells us this is a lie. You can find books and papers even from secular authors that explain why it is a lie, without ever referencing to the Word of God. For those in the church, we teach our children “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. God’s been saying it since the creation of the world. Satan has been lying about it since the garden. And people listen, because it is what they want to hear.

The biggest institutional lie – one that is government backed – is that we evolved from single celled organisms to human beings with no Divine Creator. Atheist scientists, atheist philosophers, and all manner of thinking people who are not Christian reject that as a laughably inadequate answer. But for children in our schools and universities, they are fed a steady stream of this lie, and Satan ensures there are no dissenters. Can they all be wrong? Well, yes.

<COMMERCIAL ALERT> I have collected a bunch of those lies into one convenient place, and then exposed them. It’s called Evolution: A Defense Against. And you can get it at Lulu  ($10 paperback) or Amazon ($8 Kindle) now.

Miss Schueler asks

So, did your church leave you hanging with unanswered questions and disbelief? Did they hand you to the world not recognizing the hard decisions you now need to make?

The answer doesn’t have to be “Yes”. You can give an answer to the lies of Satan with the Word of God. But it can also be a tremendous help to realize what the lies are. Satan tries to sneak in as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The lies are attractive, and seem to fit in with what we know. A wolf in sheep’s clothing can be hard to spot. A wolf with the sheep’s clothing stripped away is easier to discern.The first step in countering the lies of Satan is knowing what the lies are.  In Evolution: A Defense Against, the lies are exposed.

I will even make the same offer to Miss Schueler that I made to the Saint Louis faculty: If you would like to read Evolution: A Defense Against, and give me honest feedback, I will send you a review copy for free, as a thank you for your work defending the faith. Because, as a pastor, my favorite activity is teaching the Word of God. My second favorite is taking sheepskin off of wolves.

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1 Response to Unmasking the Wolf

  1. Charlea E Schueler says:

    Thank you! I would love to read Evolution: A Defense Against! It sound like an excellent apologetics resource.

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