Mea Culpa

I while back, I offered to give a free e-review copy of Evolution: A Defense Against to any member of the Concordia Saint Louis Seminary faculty who cared to read it. I now realize that I did something for which I must beg forgiveness: I left out my own Alma Mater from the offer. A kindness to one seminary must also include the institution that formed me as a pastor and theologian. Of course, if we’re talking Alma-Maters, my mind returns to my halcyon days as a college student, where the good doctors of Concordia, River Forest brought me along as well. I would be remiss if I did not repay my debt of gratitude to those who still serve under the Pillars of 7400 Augusta Ave. But why only one of our many Concordias? I could have been a CCAA, or CUI alum as well. (Not really, Cougars all the way, baby! But in theory it could have happened.)

So, here is my offer: If you are a professor at a Concordia University or Seminary, and you would like an e-review copy of Evolution: A Defense Against, I will send you one free of charge. My only condition is that you give your opinion of it in some public forum: Facebook, Twitter, a faculty meeting, around the dinner table, whatever. And then, let me know what you said. Even if you say “This is a useless piece of dreck written by a hack who brings shame to our name by even calling himself an alumni”, let me know. More likely, I think you’ll find it useful. I’m willing to take the risk. Your only risk is a few minutes of your time.

Comment below, message me on FB, or email me, and I’ll get you a copy for e-review right away!


For those who aren’t professors in the Concordia University system, you can pick up a copy for only a single sawbuck, over at Lulu. If you are of the digital persuasion, Amazon Kindle is also available.


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