Hyperbole is Impossible

It’s just getting harder and harder to come up with analogies that demonstrate how ridiculous things are becoming in the world.

Last week, I used an analogy about airplanes sitting on the runway and showing travelogues, instead of flying you to destinations.

And then news comes out of Penn State (Motto: You can totally trust us with your kids, it’s not like we would cover up decades of sexual abuse to help our football team) that the school’s student led “Outing club” – which plans hikes and such – will have to confine itself to indoor activities, because of the danger of going outside of cell-phone range. In exchange, they are recommending that the club watch films about other places.


I’m sure the decision has nothing to do with the administrative sponsored version wanting to raise the cost of its own trips.

But either way, I suggest that vacations no longer involve travel, and our elite class suddenly make it policy. I’ll concede I missed the bit about airplanes. But otherwise, it seem rather unknowingly prescient of me.

To use another analogy, It would be as if the bank suddenly realized that, thanks to the new tax law, it would be better financially for them to just call my mortgage “paid in full” 20 years early.

(Well, it’s worth a try.)

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