Wisdom of the Fathers

Today is the feast of Saint Athanasius. In honor of that, I quote Saint Gregory Nazianzen, who wrote a lovely oration in honor of Athanasius some years later. This is not from that oration, nor does it at all relate to Athanasius, but it was the best transition I could come up with on short notice.

In honor of the upcoming District Convention, here is the wisdom of Gregory, who at one point chaired the council of Constantinople, which finalized the Nicene Creed (So, kind of an important meeting):

For my part, if I am to write the truth, my inclination is to avoid all assemblies of bishops, because I have never seen any Council come to a good end, nor turn out to be a solution to evils. On the contrary, it usually increases them. You always find there love of contention and love of power (I hope you will not think me a bore, for writing like this), which beggar the description; and, while sitting in judgment on others, a man might well be convicted of ill-doing himself long before he should put down the ill-doings of his opponents. So I retired into myself; and came to the conclusion that the only security for one’s soul lies in keeping quiet.

Good to remember, before all the talking and voting begins…


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