Life’s Great Mysteries

Actual photo of the Country Parson as he encounters the sudden addition of sleeves to all his clerical shirts.

There are many mysteries in life. Most people consider the “Lost sock conundrum” to be among the greatest. But I don’t think it is. From the perspective of the pastor’s study, the one that I can’t figure out is this:

I own 8 clerical shirts: Four long sleeved (for winter) and four short (for summer). So why is it that this morning (temperature on the way up to 80 degrees) I counted 7 long sleeved, and only one short sleeved? And why is that this past January (temperature on the way up to 0 degrees) I counted and the numbers were reversed?


That’s the great mystery of life I’m pondering this morning as I head out to do shut-in visits.*

*NB: The country parson is not actually pondering that as he visits his shut-ins. He will be pondering the mystery of love and mercy shown by God to his humble servant.

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