Summer Reading List

I don’t have a huge advertising budget. Or advertising. Or a budget. This blog, and your word of mouth, are all I have. I don’t pay for Facebook to promote, I don’t do Google Ad-words. I just post on my blog and wait for my loyal readers to tell their friends. The goal is to recoup the cost of production. Generally, but not always, I succeed.

Below, I’ve got some great ideas for summer reading. But first, a request: If you’ve read one of my books and find it helpful, could you please visit the site where you got it, and give it a review, preferably with a five star rating. Then (even more important) could you tell two friends about it? That’s the only real publicity I get. If you tell two friends, then they tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on

The complete list is over at Teach These Things. There are resources for teaching the faith, and other resources, including some neat free resources. If I were recommending a book to enjoy for your summer reading lists (and I am), here is the book I’d recommend:

Evolution: A Defense Against. Available on Kindle or in Paperback through Lulu, this is a look at the philosophy and religion that lurks behind evolution. Evolution is NOT SCIENCE! Find out why, and learn to defend the faith against the radical religion of evolution.

Once you’ve finished that, maybe try:

Footwashers, Following the Jesus Way by Dr. William Lehmann. Lots of options to get the book at the link – many of them free. But don’t be fooled by the price. The book is a serious defense of scriptural teaching against both the “soft antinomianism” of Radical Lutheranism, and the Methodism/Stoicism of Virtue Ethics.

If the Large Catechism is on your summer reading list, you might appreciate:

What Every Christian Must Know: Outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism. It is what the title says. A great aid in devotional reading of the Large Catechism.

For pastors, you’ll want to take a look at:

Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish. Various options to acquire, and samples at the link. It’s catechesis drawn from the Large Catechism and scripture. No student books, no workbooks, no ongoing costs. Just download once, and teach forever.

And, as usual, stay tuned. I have a small summer project this year to help preachers (especially new ones) on the one-year series. We’ll see how it goes. And of course, as always, Catechetics continues moving slowly but inexorably forward. I’m still shooting for a Christmas release. I should have more information later this month. Until then, enjoy one of the above books, and please: Tell a friend or two.

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