That Time Again

It’s the time of year when curricula begins arriving in the mail. CPH’s Sunday School materials are being shipped. There are ads in my inbox for various Catechism teaching materials, etc.

And so, it’s time for my annual commercial.

Do you say to yourself, “How about instead of teaching all this other stuff, we just teach the catechism?”

Are you dissatisfied with the overly academic nature of other materials?

Are you wondering how your parish will afford all the materials, and the health insurance increase that is also being mailed out?

Have you found good materials that are designed for day schools, buy you only have an hour one day a week?

Well, my friends, I would encourage you to give “Teach These Things” a try. I’ve heard from pastors in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and they’ve all said that it was really great. (Ok, would you believe, Wyoming, Indiana, and Illinois.)

It’s an all-in-one package. Nothing more to buy ever. Only $19.99.

It works with any version of Luther’s Small Catechism you like. (1943, 1992, 2017, ELS, WELS, Triglotta, etc.)

It teaches via scriptural narratives, catechism recitation, and theological discussion, instead of memorized lists containing the word “omni”.

It follows the pastoral pattern of instruction in the Large Catechism, not Melanchthon’s academic treatise “Loci Communes”.

If you click any of the links above, you can sample or order Teach These Things.

You can also look at other resources that are available, including a defense against the dangers of evolution, a book about Christian Living that clears up a lot of confusion about Law and Gospel, a biography of Luther

PLUS, the following FREE resources:

Catechism Review Game Show

The Promised Savior: A Christmas Program for Small Parishes (YES! FREE!)

Luther’s Latin Litany, IN LATIN (It’s harder to find than you might think!)


Check out my companion site, Teach These Things, TODAY!


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