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My posts the last few days have been generating a lot of FB discussion about catechizing. The most common one I hear from pastors is, “Why don’t we just use the LC to teach the SC?” That was my question. It’s why I wrote Teach These Things. And, it’s why I have spent the last decade working on Catechetics (Help bring that to market HERE!)

The kids who take catechesis from me can’t list the attributes of God. We barely even mention them. My older members remember having learned them, but they can’t list them either.

But what my catechumens can do is consider their place in life according to the Ten Commandments. This my older members can not do. The old system (1912, 1943, 1992, 2017) taught all sorts of technical detail about the commandments – details which were eminently forgettable. By following the outline of the Large Catechism, Teach These Things helps children relate the commandments to their lives. Having been at it for a little over a decade, the difference is stunning. My young adults have the ability to think about what God’s Word says they should do, and then compare it to their own conduct. Even if they forget the order of the commandments, or can’t recite them as well as they once could, they remember the content.

The genius of the Large Catechism is that it takes the word of Holy Scripture, and instead of trying to instill it in the head, it instills it in the heart.

If you’d like to try teaching scripture and the catechism the way Luther did, why not try Teach These Things?

And, once you fall in love with it, consider clicking HERE to support Catechetics: Fixing Confirmation. Together, we can make things better.


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