Big Time Endorsement for My Book!

Today I received a yuuuuge endorsement for Evolution: A Defense Against. No, it isn’t Donald Trump (although I would gladly send him a copy if he wishes to read it.) It’s someone who is even bigger in the world of Confessional Lutheran Radio Game Shows!

The one, the only, the amazing, the Iron Preacher himself… Bryan Wolfmueller!

And what did he have to say about it? Well, I’ll let him speak for himself.




That’s right. The Bryan Wolfmueller, the man who is so cool he once wore a parachute harness to speak at an Evangelism conference, the man who is so suave he once had to download his own videos from Youtube because he had deleted them on his computer, the legend himself, has ordered a copy of my book.

If you were waiting until it became the cool thing to do, it just did. Order today!

In Paperback at Lulu, and for Kindle at Amazon. 

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