Catechetics Update

Writing is a strange thing. I’ve been working on Catechetics for at least 6 years now. It’s been sort of always there. I’ve read, studied, formulated, written, re-written, sent for review, made changes, pondered, made more changes…

It’s been a good experience. I’m a better pastor for it. (That’s why I do these projects. They are my “Continuing Education.”)

It’s been two years now since the first draft was finished. I’ve been through it several times. After a long hiatus, I’m back at it for the final edit before it (hopefully) goes off for some final polish and then printing!

The problem is, the final edit is tough. You’ve already gone over things several times. You know what you want to say. But it’s not ready yet. And if you don’t go after the bad parts ruthlessly, it won’t get there. So, the read pen comes out, and one slash after another cuts, changes, and reorders. But the personal affect is that you come to hate your book. “This is a terrible book!” It really isn’t. But you are looking very closely to spot any flaw. And that sort of close look will reveal them. But it’s a tough slog.

I’m moving through. I need to add a section about the new catechism. I have some references to track down. (Thanks to 2013 me, who didn’t include them, and now I have to search.)

But overall, it’s coming along nicely. Thanks to those who have supported my gofundme. I know I’m asking for funds from pastors. Like seeking blood from a turnip. But if you know of someone who wants to support good Lutheran theology, maybe point them here. It’s been over a century since the last comprehensive look at teaching the faith. And it shows. When I called it a “crisis”, one theologian in our synod said, “More than crisis. It’s a catastrophe.”

We can make it better. You can help. Click HERE. 


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3 Responses to Catechetics Update

  1. helen j. says:

    I am old.  I write checks.  I do not play about on line.  If you will give me a snail address (or indicate that the Synod’s version will reach you) I will use paper and an envelope. Thanks, Helen

  2. Country Preacher says:

    Thank you very much for your support! The information at the synod’s website is correct. That is my address. Here is a link to it:

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