Random Musing

I’ve been assured by my much smarter friends that it is important to study modern (or rather post-modern) biblical exegetes, so we can understand the state of scholarship today, and properly interpret scripture. I’ve always sort of struggled with this, because most biblical scholars today seem to know less about the bible than the local cattle population here. (At least the cows know how to keep their appointed times. They also know which end the grass goes in.) I’ve struggled to put into words why I object to their line of reasoning. But I think I’ve finally found a way to express myself that might clarify things.

Medieval Architecture:


Post Modern Architecture:

Renaissance Art:

Post-Modern Art:

I think that may clear up why I question the utility of studying the new guys, and prefer the older variety. Because I look at this sort of theology as an unmade bed, with various bits of trash lying about: the best thing to do is throw it out, make the bed, and start over.

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  1. I chuckled at the comparison photos, but you certainly make your case; and I wholeheartedly agree. Why study the new authors and thinking when we get do not fully grasp the ancient ones?

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