They say the key to building an online audience is to write everyday. If I want to have a following of people who will purchase my books, I need to blog regularly.

But, I also have a parish, a Visitorship, and am assisting another pastor with a “local” vacancy. This leaves little time for extra projects. Often, it means that I can either write a blog post regularly to promote the book, or work on the book that I’m hoping to promote. I can not do both. Do I want to have the cake, or eat it?

So, I haven’t been writing a whole lot. I’ve started some posts that never got finished, and likely never will. They weren’t that important anyway. But I’ve been editing away like an industrious little church mouse. Today was a banner day.

I finished re-working my 2017 catechism blog posts (Here, here, and here) into a little chapter addendum for inclusion in the book. (I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of my concerns were addressed, although as we all know, the largest concern – the overall pattern of instruction – could not be changed.)  I then powered through edits to the half-way point of the book. I’m now ready to send part 1 of Catechetics to my copy-editor. And, thanks to those who supported my GoFundMe (and a speaking engagement last month), I have enough to cover the cost for it. (If you’re still interested in helping out with edits for part 2, you can click here to donate.)

Now, I have to find time to do edits on the second half of the book, while catching up on various parish matters, and squeezing in visitation of one of the parishes in my circuit. (Wyoming District actually uses Circuit Visitors to VISIT. It’s just crazy enough to work…)

But for today, I’m just giving a little woop and sharing my joy with my readers. I have a couple of pastors who have been asking every time they see me, when will Catechetics be finished. I was hoping for 2018. It may end up being early 2019. (It wouldn’t be the first book I’ve released in time to give as a Valentine’s gift, instead of Christmas.) But today I took one more small step in the work schedule, and made a giant leap toward release day. I feel like planting a flag somewhere, but I hear that’s fallen out of fashion…


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