Historic Lectionary: Must Have

If you are thinking about making the switch to the Historic Lectionary, you may be looking for resources to help you preach. There is none better than the sermons of Martin Luther. When I was first ordained, there was an excellent three volume set of his House Sermons from Baker, edited by Eugene Klug. Sadly, that’s out of print. (When we were under threat of fire recently, that set was one of about 10 books I put in a box in the car ready to go. Yeah. It’s that good.)

But, fortunately, Klug was not the first to translate his House Postils into English. That honor goes to Matthias Loy, who did it back in 1869. The copyright having expired, it is now available freely online, along with the Lenker edition of the Church Postils. They are also good, although not “In the box of 10 books I get to keep after a fire” good. The style is more formal – they were written as sermon studies for any pastor, rather than recorded sermons that Luther preached to those he knew so well in Wittenberg. But I did often refer to them in my early years of ministry.

Online, and free, the whole deal is available at www.martinluthersermons.com. For whatever reason, there are two editions of Loy. A two volume, with the Sundays etc, and a Three volume, with Passion Account sermons included. I have the two volume set in print. The website above has the first two volumes of the Three volume set. Weird. But Google has it HERE. I didn’t know about the passion sermons until about five minutes ago. I don’t have them in print at all, and to my knowledge, haven’t seen them in print anywhere. So this will be a huge help to me this spring during Passiontide.

I hope this helps, if you are making the journey over to the historic lectionary. I’ve loved it for many years. I’ve even grown to appreciate the Gesimas somewhat.

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