Two Prayers: Last Minute Gift Idea!

Recently, I asked the members of synod to help me out. I was looking for a copy of The Lutheran Hymnal pastor books (Agenda, Altar Book, etc.) And, thanks to a very generous member of the synod, I now have those. I can’t repay them for their loving generosity, but I can pass on a favor.

In the Agenda, much to my delightful surprise, was a beautiful print of a Daily Prayer for a pastor. I scanned it, and replaced it with both of Luther’s prayers for pastors. So, here it is, ready for printing, framing, and presenting to your pastor, if you don’t already have a gift for him, and he doesn’t already have this for his own study. As I now have three parishes, I have a new study and a vestry to put these in, which I will do, as soon as I get the frames.

This will print on 8.5 * 11, but it’s set so you can trim it to 8 * 10.

As an added bonus, I’ve also included the initial scan, if you prefer the original prayer. Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

Luther’s Pastoral Prayer

Luther’s Sacristy Prayer

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