Days of Obligation

January first is a holy day of obligation for the Roman Catholic church. Some of you may be wondering what a holy day of obligation is.

It is a day (there are six of them scattered about the year) when all Roman Catholics are required to go to Mass, and if they do not, it is a mortal sin, which can only be forgiven by confessing to a priest. (The Sacrament of the Altar can’t forgive that sin. Only penance/reconciliation can.)

It’s like getting a great new birthday present from your parents, but then your big brother whispers in your ear, “If you don’t open this at your exact birth minute, I’ll beat the snot out of you later.”

There might be a Lutheran Satire video in there somewhere, but perhaps Pr. Feine is too busy having beans explain to strawberries how circumcision works…

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