Seeing the Sights

What does a country parson do when he has a few extra minutes at his new parish before leading a bible study for the LWML?

He airs up his bike tires so he can get some exercise, and then takes a bike tour of the local tourist hot spots, of course!

Pine Bluffs has a beautiful statue of the Mother of our Lord. That called for a selfie:








Mary is the highly favored one, who is called blessed by all generations. Even so…







No. We don’t pray to the one who is highly favored. We pray to the one who is despised and rejected.








On the way out, I noticed something:








This road goes right past my alma mater – Concordia Theological Seminary. (1200 miles to the east.) Ahh, memories of days gone by…

And then, back to town and a bible study on the Feast of Tabernacles.

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1 Response to Seeing the Sights

  1. Roger Sterle says:

    I remember well when that was started.

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