Fixing the robo-call crisis

Sometimes, the thoughts of a circuit riding parson turn away from theology to problem-solving in the world. That point comes sooner when you are getting a dozen or more robo-calls a day. So, here’s a suggestion for an app – someone can design it and I won’t even ask for a share in the many, many profits. Call it “Fake Block” if you want.

You can select, not only which calls get blocked, but which ones get through, according to groups. Criteria can be:

Address book, local, same area code, same state, specific prefix – either to allow, or autoblock – FB friends (does that tech even exist?), etc. You can even choose whether to auto-block the calls, or forward to voice mail, depending on which category they are in. All of this in addition to regular number-by-number blocking.

Well, who wants to make a fortune as an app designer?

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