The Bible Without Verses

I’m Preparing for next year’s tri-point parish bible study on the Book of Acts (One ten week bible study, repeated three times). Step one is to read the book of Acts. I thought I’d try out my Bibliotheca Bible. It’s formatted like a regular book: no cross-references, no footnotes, no verses, no headings, not even chapter numbers! I thought it might give me a better sense of flow and rhythm. What I didn’t expect is that it would make the entire book seem more… human.

With the bible chopped up into tiny little bits, it becomes informational nuggets. I was shocked to discover the personalities of the apostles in ways I hadn’t seen before. It’s not that I was unfamiliar with the words – I had many of the memorized, or nearly so. I knew what was coming next. It wasn’t that I hadn’t read it or was unfamiliar with it.


We don’t put up with that sort of nonsense in any other book. But for too long, we’ve thought that more information is better when it comes to the bible. It isn’t. It turns out, the Word of God is sufficient. I’ve found reading Acts to be a delight. Ok, so reading scripture is always a delight. But I’ve been able to just get lost in the Words which the Holy Spirit caused to be written, and in the thoughts behind those words. When I bought this set, I figured is was mostly a nice little novelty book, but not one I would ever seriously use. The last two years, it has sat undisturbed on my shelf. I have changed my mind. I think it may become one of my most used books. I’m kind of interested to see what happens to this Sunday’s Gospel, to say nothing of the Christmas Account, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, the Ascension (recounted beautifully by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Saint Mark’s Gospel).

The price has gone up significantly since I ordered it on kickstarter – more than double what I paid. But if you want something that looks like a novelty item but isn’t, the gift for the person who already has everything, instead of looking at high-end catalogs filled with gadgets, check out Biblioteca. Reading scripture, uninterrupted*, is a pretty good way to spend your time.

*by the book itself


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2 Responses to The Bible Without Verses

  1. Jason Skudlarek says:

    Very interesting – I was unaware Bibliotheca existed. I’ve recently started using to read the Psalms without verse numbers or indentations (you can turn off the latter with the tool button), and I find it to be much easier and beneficial. Thanks for sharing this resource!

  2. Jason Skudlarek says:

    Oops – should read “you can turn off the former [verse numbers] with the tool button”

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