From Hero to Zero

Yesterday (Friday is my family day), I re-hung a replacement shelf in the kitchen that’s been gone since the bathroom remodel began – the old one was damaged when it was removed. I also did the first coat of mud on the drywall in the bathroom. We’re inching ever closer to normality. Woo-hoo!

As I finished the mudding, I got a call from wife that our Canyonero had a flat tire. I go to fix it. I do not manage to fix it. I do manage to break the passenger side retractable running board. Today, I head out again to get the tire swapped and bring home the beast. I manage it, but once I’m home I need to remove the broken running board. During which I manage to crack the glass on my phone.

I’ve ordered a new phone, new tires will be installed next week, all is well. But I am a little nonplussed at how quickly I went from hero (installing shelf, mudding drywall) to zero (breaking car and phone in the same project). For the rest of today, I plan to touch as little possible. Hopefully, my super-hero-dad powers will have returned by tomorrow.

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1 Response to From Hero to Zero

  1. Carl Westberg says:

    There are just some days when you should’ve stayed in bed.

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