Changes to Books

For those who may have been considering buying one of my books, I’ll be changing platforms soon. I’ll be moving to Amazon. I won’t be taking them off Lulu, but I will have to raise prices for all the books once I have them on Amazon.

It looks like Evolution: A Defense Against will be moving from $10 to $12.50, Teach These Things from $33.99 to $35 (only Lulu will have the spiral bound “lay-flat” edition!) and Catechetics will be moving to $45 for the paperback. (Because Amazon doesn’t offer hardcover, it will be available on Lulu in hardcover for the same $45.) The goal is to increase visibility of the books.

The good news is, if you’ve been thinking of buying a copy, today’s a great day to do it – until Thursday you can get 15% off the already low prices at Lulu! Just use the code ONEFIVE at checkout. Click here for all my Lulu books:

Not sure when this will happen – I’ve got a plate that’s overflowing with stuff-to-do. But (DV), soon. So, get your still-originally priced books before the increase arrives.

And thanks for all your support!

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