Pushing the Narrative Forward

It’s unknown at this time what Holy Week will look like. But one thing is certain – it will not look like I had planned it. Carefully plotted hymns that move us ever closer to the cross, services each day of Holy Week, with Maundy Thursday flowing into Good Friday, and then Easter.

Out the window. What will replace it? I don’t know. I may crawl out the window after those ideas and pull them back in. But with no guarantees, I’m making the most of our Sunday services. Passion Sunday suddenly has a lot of Holy Week hymns. And by a lot, I mean two, because the services are shorter now as well. But O Sacred Head is suddenly on the schedule. If we get cancelled in the next couple weeks, we’ll have sing it. Next Sunday is looking to be more like Good Friday than Palm Sunday, thematically.

It’s what we have at this point. We’ll make do. We’ll sing the church’s song. We’ll hear the Word of God as best we can. And someday, we’ll celebrate Easter again without the threat of death looming over us. Not in this world, but it will happen. “Jesus said, ‘He that believes in me, even if he die he shall live. And everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.'”

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