New Resource!

For those who are high-risk or feeling ill, and so can not make it to church on Sunday, there is a new resource to help you. It’s called Matins-in-the-Home. It provides the Sunday readings, some prayers and some (public domain) hymns that you can sing. It’s one page front and back. You can view it on the computer, or print it out.

If you have any questions, or can think of improvements, let me know. It’s a work in progress, and I want it to be helpful. Based on comments I’ve heard from Colorado and Wyoming governors, it looks like some things may be opening soon, but we could be well into summer before things start to resemble anything we remember as “normal.” And, even if things are open, it doesn’t mean everyone should rush outside at once. So for now, for those who can’t attend, here is something to help with your prayer time on Sunday.

Here it is, in PDF format. Matins in the Home 2020-04-26

And here it is in picture files, if that’s easier for you:

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