Father’s Day Reflections

This Sunday is Father’s Day – not in the church, but the church certainly wishes to honor and praise the estate of fatherhood (and motherhood) as created by God and central to the success of any society.

The irony this year is, of course, that the Supreme Court just enshrined, as a matter of law, the proposition that women can be father’s too. This is nonsense that would be obvious to any civilization in all of history – even the most anarchically syndicalist comedy troop of forty years ago.

I just saw a snippet of an interview in which the interviewee said that education is an important part of the solution to our current disorder. Balderdash.

Unless and until we are willing to support and affirm the importance of fatherhood – as both a matter of social policy and as a matter of law -we are deeply unserious about solving our problems. They will not be solved by more schooling, more training, more social programs, more spending, more police, fewer police, more community involvement, etc.

There is no substitute for a father and a mother –capable of reproducing together as a matter of truth and biology – raising the child they have begotten and borne into this world. And as long as we encourage and affirm other methods of social policy as equally valid, we are working against an immutable truth and will continue to suffer the consequences.

Also, Happy Father’s day to my Dad. Miss you and love you lots! Wish you could be here, for the annual father’s day charfest cookout, and also to help with a small plumbing problem that seems to have arisen.

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