Reformation Day

On All Hallows Eve 1517, Martin Luther posted 95 theses to dispute the sale of indulgences in the church. He didn’t know that the fire he lit that day would burn through the entire world as “The Reformation”.

Today seems a good day to try to fix problems in the church. So, I offer my own – much more modest – reform proposal for the LCMS. Here’s the link:

We can try and fix our long term problems, or we can keep assuring ourselves that everything is ok, while we lurch from crisis to crisis in the church, and close one institution after another. But keeping the status quo is no longer possible. Ask the 19 people just laid off at the IC, or the faculty and students at Selma or Portland about that.

It’s long past time to do something besides having a meeting to discuss maybe thinking about changing bylaw It’s time to take seriously our belief that the church is congregations and their pastors, not synod officials with high salaries and per diems.

If you think so as well, take a look, and spread the word:

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